UK White Shark Project

The UK White Shark Project is an ambitious mission to positively identify and get irrefutable proof that Great White Sharks do in-fact inhabit UK waters. There have been many claims over the years that this majestic creature has been sighted in different parts of the UK from the wild coastlines of Scotland to the sunny southern coast but unfortunately none of the reports have any proof.

Not that I’m a sceptic as I do believe they are in our waters but with everyone having access to smartphones and cameras it seems unlikely that not one of these reports has managed to capture any kind proof that they are here.

However this being said, the water temperature and food source is correct and most other Salmon Shark species there. So why do I think they haven’t been spotted yet…

Location, timing, population size and the prey.

A White Shark has been tracked across the Atlantic ocean from Cape Cod towards the UK but that particular shark turned around and headed back. Even though one shark did make it that far the likelihood others have followed suit is somewhat likely.


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